Sun Protection

We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays on our skin but many of us fail to protect our eyes  which are ten times more sensitive from the  harmful effects of the sun.

The Eyecare Trust warn that cumulative exposure to UV, even on cloudy days, can greatly increase your risk of developing more serious, sight threatening conditions.  Studies have shown that repeated exposure to UV radiation can contribute to the development of age related macular degeneration (the leading cause of sight loss in the UK), cataracts and other potential ocular health problems.

Sunglasses are ideal way of protecting your eyes from UV light.  When buying sunglasses always look out for a CE mark or the British Standard number BSEN 1836:2005 to be sure that they provide adequate UV protection.

At Paul Harries Opticians  we believe that good quality sunglasses  are an excellent investment in your ocular health and need not be expensive.   Once you have a pair, you will be surprised to discover that you use them all the year round, not just in the summer.

Sunglasses have a filter category from one to four where one is the lightest and four the darkest – the most common sunglasses tint is category three, an excellent all-rounder providing comfort for sunny days, water sports and beach activities.  Category four tinted sunglasses are heavily tinted for exceptionally light conditions. Many skiers find these provide comfort from the clear bright sun at high altitudes, however, the darkness of the tint on category four lenses means they are unsuitable for driving.

Polarised lenses can help reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as snow or water by filtering out reflected light waves.  They are very popular with anglers and drivers.  A pair of prescription polarising sunglasses are useful for driving not just in the summer but in the winter months when the  low sun can make driving uncomfortable and dangerous especially in wet conditions.  Glasses with slim sides are particularly suitable for driving as they allow greater all-round vision than those with heavy frames.

For those who like to travel light and don’t want to carry a second pair of spectacles Transitions adaptive sunwear lenses which automatically darken when exposed to UV light make an excellent choice for everyday wear.

At Paul Harries Opticians we carry a range of sunglasses catering for all ages and tastes from the fashion conscious, to high performance sports sunglasses.  It is important to choose sunglasses that suit your lifestyle allowing you to enjoy the sun while protected from harmful UV rays.”

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